What we overlooked at Nandigram…

While the massacre of poor farmers in Nandigram by a Marxist State is utterly condemnable and has been since criticised by intellectuals and others of all hues, what has been overlooked is the role of the Jamiat.

Its still fresh in our memory that Jamiat had been in the forefront of this movement against land takeover. They raised hue and cry over CPI(M)’s alleged usurpation of Muslim farmlands. They were going from door to door (Muslims doors only) and organised the Muslim masses. They were the prime movers in the formation of Bhoomi Uchchhed Pratirodh Committee.

But what happened on that fateful day? The skull-cap and lungi clad Jamiat cadres were nowhere in the seen. In the end 11 of the 14 dead turned out to be Hindus and the rest three Muslims not belonging to Jamiat! How is that possible? Logically the casualties had to be heavy on Jamiat’s side, at least you expect a substantial number of Muslim woundeds/deaths, given the Jamiat’s claim that Nandigram was a Muslim majority area!

In a leaflet we have highlighted our concern.


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